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Administration Moves Forward with Proposed Public Charge Regulation; Comments Due in December

October 5, 2018Kelly Whitener

As we have long suspected, the Administration is moving forward with a proposed regulation to dramatically change our immigration system and significantly harm immigrant families. The Department of Homeland Security posted a draft version of the rule about two weeks ago, and just this morning the rule was finally posted for inspection in the Federal Register before it is officially posted next week. Comments are expected to be due December 10, 2018.
I haven’t combed through all 434 pages yet, but the regulatory text appears unchanged from the earlier draft and would have the same damaging impact. If finalized, as I previously explained, the rule would make it far more difficult to immigrate to the United States or become a legal permanent resident by:
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Indiana State Employees' Community Campaign (SECC)

The State Employees’ Community Campaign, now underway, provides an opportunity for state employees to contribute to any charity that has a 501 (c)(3) ruling.Donations may be given through either a one-time contribution, or via a weekly payroll deduction.
Family Voices Indiana participates in the SECC campaign, and our Charity Code is 764500.Your contribution is needed to help families who are in search of support, resources, and healthcare options for their child(ren) with special healthcare needs. Please consider making a pledge this year or joining the 2018 SECC Champions by contributing at least one-half hour’s pay per pay period to Family Voices Indiana.
We appreciate your support!
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Action Alert: Public Charge Rule

from CPR:

Public Charge Rule - Please Comment! This morning the Department of Homeland Security published a new “public charge” rule in the federal register.  The rule would discriminate against immigrants with disabilities and their families seeking to enter the U.S. or get a green card. Being labelled a “public charge” means a person is inadmissible to the U.S. because they are likely to depend on government benefits to meet their needs.  Many people with disabilities and their families rely on programs that the rule will use as a basis for excluding them.  This includes Medicaid — the only source for many critical services that help people with disabilities live and participate in their communities and are unavailable through private insurance — as well as food and housing assistance and Medicare Part D subsidies.  The rule will also discourage families from using these critical programs for fear of harming their immigration status.  In short, the proposed rule would exclude people…