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Congressional Update

from National FV:

House Passes Bipartisan Health Bills The House passed five bipartisan health bills on October 28, including the following: H.R. 2781, the EMPOWER for Health Act of 2019, to reauthorize funding at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for health profession workforce, education, and training programs. The bill would expand efforts to increase diversity, improve geriatrics education and training, grow thepediatric health care workforce, and create a new authorization of $5 million to increase workforce diversity in the professions of physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiology, and speech-language pathology. The bill passed on the House Floor by voice vote.H.R. 728, the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Reauthorization Act of 2019, to reauthorize funding for federal nursing workforce development grant programs administered by HRSA for five years. These programs include traineeships, loan repayment, and scholarships for nurses to attain advance practice s…

Guide to Navigating Lockdowns

FEATURED RESOURCE A Guide to Navigating Lockdowns
One of 40+ Free Printable Posters, Tools, and Activities This printable provides step-by-step directions for before, during and after a lockdown. These steps are designed to minimize trauma and anxiety and help students integrate the experience. Get This Resource!

Transition to Post Secondary

Think College is a national initiative based at the ICI. It aims to develop, support, and expand postsecondary options for students with IDD. The 5 publications highlight various ways that students, families, vocational rehabilitation agencies, and higher education professionals can support students with IDD in higher education. Download them from the Think College website: VR's Role in the Seamless Transition from Higher Education to EmploymentSummarizing Pre-Employment Transition Services and the Potential Role of Higher EducationMeeting the New Requirements of WIOA Through Partnerships with Institutions of Higher EducationCollege Experiences Foster Student Self-Determination and VR SupportThe Importance of Formal and Informal Communication Strategies in Maintaining Effective Partnerships