Friday, January 10, 2020

Latest Developments in the Health Care Repeal Lawsuit (Texas v. US)

Dear Partners,

Thank you to those who were able to join our tactical call to discuss the latest developments in our nationwide efforts to combat the Health Care Repeal Lawsuit (Texas v. US). Here's a quick recap of where the case stands:
Community Catalyst Communications Manager Stephen Eisele breaks down the latest developments in the Health Care Repeal Lawsuit (Texas v. US).
If you missed the call, you're in luck! We have a number of updated tools and resources to help you continue organizing innovative and effective campaigns in your own states.

Campaign Tools
  • Reach out to state based marketplace regulators, insurance commissioners and insurance providers, and ask them to make a public statement by Friday January 10th calling on the Supreme Court to take up the case. Use this messaging guidance to help policy makers craft a statement that illustrates the urgency of the case and the importance of settling it now, rather than continuing the uncertainty about the ACA's future into 2021.
  • Build relationships with state attorneys general using our Know Your AG guide. If you're in a plaintiff state, keep up the pressure for your AG to drop out of the lawsuit. If your AG supports the ACA, lift them up as champions and provide them with opportunities to be a leader on this issue. Click here to view the guide.
  • Organize constituent town halls and public forums asking for your Senator's input and participation using Indivisible's Action Plan. The Senate has yet to take a formal position on the case and the Court needs to be clear about the Congress's intent to preserve the ACA, even without an individual mandate penalty. Click here to access the Action Plan.
  • Use our digital advocacy tools to continue state specific work to educate the public and the media about this case and the potential impacts of repealing the ACA.
  • Set up meetings with local news Editorial Boards to get their help to educate the public about the real motives behind this lawsuit, like this piece from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.
  • Check out Protect Our Care's Texas Lawsuit Days of Action for more ways to link your organization's health care defense work with national efforts.
Working together we can mobilize our communities in opposition to this lawsuit, elevate ACA consumer stories, and activate elected officials on the local, state, and federal level who stand with us in protecting quality, affordable care. We look forward to continuing to partner with you to make sure our voices are heard!

In Solidarity,

Community Catalyst Federal Tactical Team 

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