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Inaccessible Accessibility: Addressing Mental Health Disabilities in Higher Education

  Tuesday, September 28, 2021 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT Save My Spot! A recent Mental Health America (MHA)  survey  showed that 70% of students with mental health disabilities in higher education did not register for disability accommodations. Only 20% said it was because they did not want them. Student awareness of accommodations, difficulty navigating disability services, and fears about the perceptions of others and interactions with professors are among the reasons students do not access the support and accommodations they deserve. This 60-minute webinar will explore challenges and opportunities from MHA's recently published report,  Supporting College Students: Mental Health and Disability in Higher Education . This presentation will: explore student perspectives on mental health disabilities and accommodations; identify barriers to students' use of accommodations; and  provide recommendations for student and campus leaders to increase accessibility for students with mental
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The Intersection of Faith and Transition Planning

Oct 6, 2021 3:00 pm ET Presented by: Sehrish Shikarpurya   Minoritized families highly value faith-based support. However, there is often a conflict between their faith-oriented values and those of the school systems, particularly within transition planning. This webinar will explore strategies to develop meaningful collaboration between minoritized families, faith-based support systems, educators, and transition leaders to better support families during the transition planning process. We will also offer templates and resources for incorporating faith-based goals for self-determination and employment in IEP and person-centered planning

Upcoming online workshop focusing on Optimal Health for People with Disabilities: October 1

Optimal Health for All – Indianapolis area October 1, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET Free Online Workshop Register now: register/ tZMufuCvpjoiHd1RIu1E55MfhZn- PZ2hRMWy           One in four people in Indiana have a disability. Given the number of Hoosier with disabilities, and the desire of making health care more accessible, it is important to understand how to best accommodate and effectively communicate with people with disabilities. The online workshop will feature a  panel of Hoosiers with disabilities from the Indianapolis and Central Indiana area ,  Dr. Amy Sekhar , a trainer on disability sensitivity and equitable practices, and  Dr. Jae Chul Lee  from the Center for Health Equity. By attending this workshop, you will gain new insights and be better prepared to help people with disabilities obtain their  optimal health  goals. This 3-hour online workshop will cover: The current landscape for disability and health in Indiana (Dr. Jae Chul Lee) Common barriers e

Opportunity to Share: Experiences and Ideas Supported Decision Making

The Peal Center (the F2F in PA) is in the process of gathering more information; experiences and ideas that can shape a way forward that promotes alternatives to guardianship through supported decision making and slows down the process to ensure decision making meets needs of the individual. They are in search of narratives and ideas that can lead to a variety of strategies for change (legislative, regulatory, enforcement, awareness raising/education, etc.)   Here is a brief 2 question survey monkey to record responses: r/alternative-to-guardianship   Timeline : ASAP, but no later than Monday October 4, 2021.

CKF State of Coverage Virtual Policy Summit

  Covering Kids & Famili es of Indiana is proud to announce registration is open for  the   3rd Annual State of Coverage Policy Summit . The policy summit focus es  on recent legislation, key public policies and emerging issues impacting the health coverage environment. The topic for this year's event is  " Barriers to Immigrant Health " . This  completely free  event will feature experts examining barriers faced by various immigrant populations in attaining and maintaining healthcare services and healthcare coverage. Also examined will be the downstream impact of those barriers on the formation of health disparities among immigrants. Learn more and register today  -  tickets are limited ! Summit Info & Registration

Opportunity for Those Working with Students Who Use AAC

  Opportunity for Those Working with Students Who Use AAC Jessica Conrad, PATINS Specialist  and Western Governors University graduate researcher, is seeking participants for her action research project about perceptions in AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) skills in Indiana school employees. Participants must: be employed by an Indiana public school have at least 1 month of experience working with students who use AAC have access to a personal Google account (not a school Google account) Participants will access 9.5 hours of online, on-demand instruction at their own pace titled "Introduction to Learning and Teaching with AAC" that is applicable immediately to their work in schools. They will complete 2 brief surveys about their perceptions of their own skills in AAC before and after instruction. Participants who finish the instruction will receive a  certificate for continuing education for 9.5 hours  and  entered into a raffle for a complimentary ticket  to