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DD/ASD waiver webinar

Family Voices Indiana shares the following notes from the DD/Autism webinar with Shane Spotts. The webinar was recorded and will be available for viewing soon. We will share that info when it becomes available. DDRS also plans to have a Q&A opportunity for families to ask questions and get answers

Proposal to combine DD and Autism waiver into a Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver:

Family Support Waiver will be new point of entry (no longer need to be on waiting list in future)for  the DD waiver system in Indiana

Families have told DDRS that if they have a little bit of support, that would be helpful, so new waiver system hopes to provide that

Many people are on both waiver waiting lists (DD and Autism) . 15-20% of individuals on DD and SS waiver have an autism diagnosis

Combining these waivers should not have a negative effect on the autism community

Will have positive impact on administrative costs for further cost savings allowing money to go to individuals instead of state

You will not lose your spot on the waiting list, they will use those dates to move people onto the new Family Support waiver

There are still emergency services available for priority criteria: loss of caregiver, caregiver over 80, evidence of abuse/neglect in institutional placement, extraordinary health and safety risk

Plan to submit plan to CMS for this proposal in next 2 weeks

Question/Answer period:

Effective date of September 1 for these changes

You can find out where you are on the waiting list via BDDS or the DDRS online portal

People already on the waiting list don’t need to do anything differently. DDRS will be sending out communications to let families know what to do in future

If you are already on the DD or Autism waiver already, you will not notice change in services.  You will see little to no change

If you already have SS waiver and move to Family Support Waiver, you will only move to new waiver by meeting needs based/emergency criteria

Needs based criteria for new waiver is being developed. Policy will be released with definitions.  Emergency criteria will provide for flexibility as needed.

Family Support Waiver will grow and be more comprehensive. If you meet needs based criteria for new Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver, you will move to it when appropriate

DDRS will talk with families with children with high functioning autism about eligibility

ABA services are in the discussion phase. IBI: intensive behavioral intervention- is on waiver and will stay there

Family Supports Waiver is capped and will include participant assistance and care, a type of residential support

DDRS is supportive of living independently with Family Support Waiver if you can do it within that budget.  Larger societal issue is that many individuals are living at home longer and with roommates, so there is expectation that DD population will do the same. Waiting list needs to be eliminated first.

The day this is approved, SS waiver will convert to Family Support Waiver with budget and new service

Case management will allow for multiple options if proposal approved by CMS

DDRS will work with DCS status children

Individuals on waiting list will be moved into services as soon as possible over the next 3-5 years

Hope is to target 5200 people a year to receive services

Individuals with mental health and DD issues may meet priority/needs based criteria: depends on individual

Currently 19K people are waiting for services (some duplicated counts)

Must meet LOC and eligibility for waivers, as is true now. Will address new definition of autism in future

Those currently on A&D waiver with DD diagnosis and meet eligibility can move to those waivers

Hope is longest anyone will wait will be 4 years to get a waiver and then waiver waiting list eliminated. Plan is to get everyone some support and then reevaluate.

Everyone will be on same waiting list and will move you to FSW based on application date. FAQ will be posted

People can continue to be state supported with supported employment and VR for employment

Impact of possible new governor is unknown

Adult foster care will continue to be an option

High cost/high need individuals may get support beyond traditional RHS. Proposal being developed

All questions will be answered and posted on DDRS, ASI and IRCA, etc in future

Family Voices Indiana thanks DDRS, ASI and IRCA for having this discussion with families

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